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Apostolic Leadership Summit Cape Town, 19 – 21 July 2017

4 years, 11 months, 14 days, 1 hour, 26 minutes, 6 seconds ago


the unchurched

  • Reach the local, national and global community within the church and in the world with the gospel of the Kingdom of Christ and His Lordship.

  • Invite and provide a shelter (cave of Adullam) for the physically and spiritually discontented, disillusioned, distressed and indebted to receive the love of God with the objective of making them mighty people for Christ.

  • Create a corporate family (community) that encourages Hebronic covenantal relations of oneness in the Body of Christ in cities, nations and continents.


the churched

  • Function as a spiritual resource center for ministries connected to or enquiring about the apostolic season.

  • Establish a storehouse of grain (present truth teachings/resources) whereby ministries in the local and global community may receive present truth instruction.

  • Mobilize every believer to function in their gracing within the complex Body of Christ.

  • Build up the believer into the fullness of the image and likeness of Christ (teleios ‘man’) in preparation for the physical return of Jesus Christ as King and Lord over His Church.


the nations

  • Posture the Body of Christ to function as an exact representative (shaliah/apostolos) of Christ in administrating the affairs of His Kingdom in the visible and invisible spheres of creation.

  • Promote the reformation of inaccurate and unbiblical ecclesial structures and doctrines.

  • Propagate the reconstitution (restoration) of all things according to the original and eschatological intent