Sophoi Messenger Series

Sophoi Messenger Series (SMS): Building as Wise Master Builders

The SMS was launched at GMS on 12th April 2014. The Forum was established in August 2010 as a platform from which specialists in various fields would address the church and the marketplace on religious, socioeconomic, political and other matters relevant to the transformation of the African continent.

The objective of the SMS Forum is to:

Empower the sons of God to accurately represent His kingdom in the gates of corporate society

Provide spiritual resource for the fulfilment of the end time purpose of God in and through His church

Challenge the status quo of the systems of the world with fresh biblical paradigms


The Breakfast starts from 8am


    Account Name: ApostolicGate
    Bank Name: First National Bank (FNB)
    Account No: 62568814290
    Branch Name: Sandton City
    Branch Code: 254605
    Reference: NAME SMS